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May 04 2016

flying from the Field of Mars, St. Petersburg

December 30 2015

red autumn robin
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December 06 2013

November 27 2013

September 09 2013

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June 20 2013

a bug's life
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April 09 2013

Jajuk, Selawik from northwestern Alaska, ca. 1929 (Library of Congress/Edward S. Curtis)

March 12 2013

La surconsommation

February 19 2013

Wellenformen - via 1ucasvb's lab
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Name That Space Rock, A Handy Chart That Explains Meteors & More by illustrator Tim Lillis.

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The former division between East and West Berlin can be seen. The yellow lights correspond to East Berlin and the greener tones show West Berlin. Over 20 years since the Berlin Wall was dismantled the effects of separating the city can still be seen from space.
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February 14 2013

February 12 2013

Fuck yeah!
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February 11 2013

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Kezuroukai, Planing Competition Finals 2012

February 03 2013

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What happens if you scream out of a window in sweden at night - YouTube
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January 28 2013

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This scene in Inglourious Basterds, this particular part, was so brilliantly written. The characters are playing a game where you sit in a circle and write a famous person’s name on a card, flip it over, pass the card to the person next to you and stick it to your head without looking. Then you ask everyone questions to figure out who it is. This man- a Nazi commander- asked “Am I American?” (no but..) “Have I visited America?” (yes) “Was my visit fruitious?” (no) “Did I go against my will?” (yes) “Am I from a place you’d call exotic?” (yes) “Am I from the jungle?” (yes) “Did I go by boat?” (yes) “And when I got there was I bound with chains and presented in front of a crowd?” (yes!) “Well then. I know who I am. An African slave. No? Oh then I’m King Kong.” — and in one instance the viewer realizes the metaphor which King Kong was to the African slave trade (a truly Tarantino way of inserting social awareness through dialogue spoken by social oppressors) as well as takes a moment of almost comic relief to a very strange middle ground since we see just how intelligent and foolproof this man is. This is good filmmaking. 

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January 23 2013

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Big Bang Theory Intro - frame by frame
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